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Since 1998, Steve and Robin Smit have worked hard to create a reputation of family and wholesome organic farming. Treating customers as friends, and putting their family first above all else, they have seen their business flourish. Mt Moriah has become a place where relationships are built, weddings are attended, dinners are had and friendships are created.




With acres growing apples, peaches, pluots, grapes, cherries, nectarines and more Steve and Robin have built an impressive business. They have worked at the Davis Farmers Market for 20 years, where Steve is also on the Board of Directors. Not stopping there, they have markets in both Northern and Southern California. They have sought to educate their customers and create an atmosphere of fun and family at their market booths.

Teaching customers how to pick the perfect fruit, prune their trees and understand organic farming better has set Mt Moriah apart. Customers have become dear family friends, recipes have been created and shared over market tables and documentaries with Steve have been made! Education and family is at its core and it shows. People are loved and it's felt.



First a dairy farmer from the Netherlands, Steve's dad, John, transitioned from cows to fruit trees in the 80's. Since a teenager, Steve has been working in agriculture, farming and selling fruit. He now lives part time in Southern California as well as part time at the farm. He and Robin have four children all of whom live in Southern California and often can be found working in a market. When not surfing, Steve can be found enjoying his family.

Passionate about people, farmers markets have been a joy for Steve. Growing organic fruit was not a sales tactic, but rather came out of a heart for people having the best. Kind and hard working, he continues to provide quality produce to his customers rain or shine. Often found in their backyards with a new fruit cutting and clippers in hand after a market, he loves to sit and hear stories over a cup of coffee or lunch. He is a one of a kind man. 


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